FactoryTalk TeamONE

FactoryTalk® TeamONE™ helps to improve collaboration, reliability and uptime. It is an integrated mobility tool that delivers the ability to create teams, pinpoint problematic devices in real time, and proactively address issues.

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What’s New

Version 3.2.200

Monitor module
- View live tag values directly from a controller without a data server
- Helpful for tasks like I/O checkout or troubleshooting values that may not be displayed on an HMI

Action deck
- Now integrates with your FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices appliance
- Integration makes it easier to find a problem and take action

- Ability to create a personal list of what will make you more productive
- Save links to sites you frequently use to personalize your app


Get up to speed quickly - Our FactoryTalk TeamONE app can be downloaded, installed and used right away by anyone on company or personally owned devices. Add additional features with the Standard edition, available through a per user subscription.

Work smarter not harder - Improve your team’s reaction time to machine issues while driving a reduction in your mean time to restoration (MTTR) and unplanned downtime.

Collaborate in real time - Connect with the right team members to hone in on relevant automation device data in real time.

Stay flexible - FactoryTalk TeamONE adjusts for varying levels of connectivity and opportunistically expands in value when your company chooses to connect their enterprise. The platform is tailored for industrial environments, so no servers or even cloud/WiFi infrastructure is initially required.

Stay in control - Modules like the Action Deck and Favorites make it possible to streamline and personalize the FactoryTalk TeamOne platform for your custom needs.