FactoryTalk Device Analytics

It’s not just about accessing and aggregating data anymore - it's about making that data work for you. FactoryTalk® Analytics for Devices is an industrial information appliance that helps you get immediate value from that data. With just a couple clicks of a mouse, it will start delivering health and diagnostics from your devices.

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What’s New

  • Fault code resolution information for PowerFlex® 523, PowerFlex 525, and PowerFlex 527 devices
  • E300™ Electronic Overload Relays now reference the Operating Hours value in the device for use in the Operating Time analyzer and the maximum value for the display.


Minimize downtime - Diagnostic dashboards can deliver answers faster than traditional, manual  troubleshooting. And that means you can take action and solve issues sooner without expensive downtime.

Analytics without the analysts - Raw data has to be organized, sorted and translated to reveal patterns and helpful analytics.

Processing raw data - Factory Talk Analytics for Devices takes on the hard work of processing raw data so you and your team can skip the computing and start learning from the analytics.

Spot hard-to-find problems - Some problems on the plant floor can be hard to detect, may be intermittent or may even go unnoticed as they plague the production. But even small inefficiencies become apparent when FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices digitizes the complete network of information.

Stay in touch - Factory Talk Analytics for Devices delivers important data to computers and mobile devices so you and your team can access it from anywhere.

No complex configuration - Get up and running quickly -- this solution is easily integrated and communicates with Ethernet/IP devices automatically.