FactoryTalk AssetCentre

FactoryTalk® AssetCentre provides you with a centralized tool for securing, managing, versioning, tracking and reporting automation related asset information across your entire facility. It can do this automatically, with limited additional management oversight or work from employees. FactoryTalk AssetCentre can help improve uptime, productivity, quality, employee safety or regulatory compliance.

With FactoryTalk AssetCentre, you can:

  • Secure access to the system
  • Track detailed users’ actions
  • Automatically track firmware versions
  • Manage historical versioning of any electronic file
  • Provide automatic backup and compare operations on supported devices
  • Add backup and compare plug-ins for third-party vendor devices
  • Configure process instrumentation
  • Manage instrumentation calibration schedules and certificates
  • Asset Inventory Agent can connect with the Product Compatibility and Download Center to show the latest life cycle status of your assets
  • Adoption of Rockwell Automation system security strategy
  • Extended support for Rockwell Automation assets
  • Improved support for third-party assets
  • Lifecycle status for I/O
  • Disaster recovery for FactoryTalk View SE applications
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What’s New

Version 9.00

The FactoryTalk AssetCentre v9.00 release focuses on system security and expands the scope of asset management with support for additional Rockwell Automation and third-party devices.

  • New assets – Disaster Recovery support for FactoryTalk View SE HMI applications and Stratix® managed network switches
  • Asset lifecycle status for I/O – Lifecycle status now available for PLC, SLC™, MicroLogix™, CompactLogix™, and ControlLogix® I/O
  • Improved third-party Disaster Recovery – Enhanced custom device plug-in makes it easier to support 3rd party devices
  • Extended asset properties – Add customized information, such as geo-location or hierarchical designation, as an extended property of an asset
  • Secured communications - FactoryTalk Linx and IPSec adoption helps secure communications between system components


- Get the latest lifecycle information with modernization guidance in the Product Compatibility and Download Center

- Leverages a centralized database to provide automatic version control

- Easier process to gather information centrally generated by user interactions, contributing to better audit trails

- Gather system-generated information centrally, including time, source, or messaging

- Leverages powerful features of FactoryTalk Security

- Set up scheduled or on-demand searches and traceability information

- Premier integration with the Logix Designer application allows users to check in, check-out, add new files and folder directly from within the application

With extendable add-on capabilities and assets you can:

- Perform automated backup, improving mean time between failure

- Centrally schedule, manage, track and report calibration activities

- Centrally configure and troubleshoot smart process devices

- Secure access to the control system

- Prevent unauthorized or unwanted changes from occurring in running processes or files

- Have a documented audit trail for Rockwell Automation devices of who made what changes and when those changes were made to device programs

- Have an unequivocal record of who made changes to a specific device or file

- Always know where to find the most current version of your program