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Video - TechConnect Support

TechConnect Support

After Gary installs a company-wide system update and causes the plant to subsequently crash, Widgets R Us is able to get back up and running because they have a TechConnect contract through Rockwell Automation.

Your Trusted Resource for Knowledge and Support

TechConnect Global Capabilities Video

VIDEO: TechConnect Global Capabilities

Regardless of your business goals, TechConnect can help you unlock the potential of your operation. Using the valuable tools packaged with every TechConnect contract and our team of trained experts, you have ability to reduce maintenance time and costs, and improve your overall equipment effectiveness.

No matter where you are located or what language you speak, TechConnect Support from Rockwell Automation provides software maintenance, real-time phone support and comprehensive online support for your everyday support needs.

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Customer Experiences

TechConnect provides exceptional value to our customers through the variety of tools and services we offer. Don’t believe us? See what our customers have to say.


"It is true that Rockwell Automation has a vast expanse of high quality products, but it is your employees that make the difference between Rockwell Automation and your competitors. Simply put, it is people doing business with people - the Corporation just provides the context for collaboration."
     - Gerrit Marks, Owner, Application Solutions

"The Support Center is well-organized and a wealth of information. I mainly use the Knowledgebase, access manuals, tech notes and possible hardware configurations for our systems."
     - Brian Vanis, Senior Instrumentation & Controls Engineer at Rentech Boiler Systems Inc.

"Genius webinars help fill in gaps in my skill set. They provide more in-depth instructions on narrow topics."
     - Stan Cook, Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, Honeywell

“Because we could add PlantPAx system support to our existing TechConnect contract and eliminate the service agreement with our old DCS vendor, we’re saving around $25,000 per year,” said Newsome, the senior automation engineer. “And, if there’s something we’re unsure of, we can utilize the Rockwell Automation TechConnect team or Knowledgebase online database for timely and cost-effective support that ultimately gives us peace of mind.”
     - Bruce Reynolds, Corporate Communications Manager, Steelcase

“We knew we needed a solution that could not only reduce the length of downtime, but prevent it from occurring in the first place,” said Ron Mahan. “The return on investment from the (Application Support) service has been quick and substantial, so obviously, we’ve been very pleased with the results we’ve gained from the service.”
     - Ron Mahan, Plant Engineer, Centria

"Engineer answered my question and went above and beyond what was asked for and prevented other issues from occurring."
     - Greg Critton, Business Development, NS Controls